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Comparing Machines Motorcycles Honda Motor Engines Other Brands

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Honda is a motorcycle brand made in Japan are already embedded in the hearts of the people of Indonesia. Because so attach motorcycle brands Honda, in many places people call all as Honda motorcycles. Since entry in Indonesia, motorcycle engine Honda 4 stroke engine known that fuel efficient and has no fumes. Honda motorcycle engine has become its own advantages for Honda.
Comparing Machines Motorcycles Honda Motor Engines Other Brands
Motorcycles Honda engine Overview of the 4 stroke

Hardly any Honda motorcycle engine that has 2-stroke system. People always assume that you want to buy a motorcycle 4 The choices not just Honda. Then who want a bike 2 stroke, can choose Yamaha or Suzuki. However, in line with the campaign against smoke and CO gas levels that must be trimmed in various cities, then assuming that Honda and Yamaha 4 stroke and 2-stroke Suzuki was already gone.

Manufacturer Yamaha and Suzuki has made a 4 stroke motorcycle engines. Until the year 2011 is already getting hard to see a motorcycle 2-stroke engine. Honda motorcycle engine started getting intense competition from various other brands of motorcycle engines, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and motorcycles made in China. From the technology was almost difficult to distinguish the advantages or disadvantages of each machine the motor.

Compare Honda Motorcycle Engines

Call it a Honda motorcycle engine to type Honda CS1. Honda CS1 which has a jargon The Top City Ride. This motor has a 125 cc engine capacity. The engine capacity less than 10 cc if we compare it with the Yamaha Jupiter M which has amounted to 139 cc cc.

CS-1 design was initially less attractive to consumers. This is due to a futuristic design and eccentric strange alias. But now many consumers who glance.

In contrast to the design applied by Yamaha MX is more sporty and fashionable so it fits driven by anyone. Motorcycle engine Honda CS1 has a compression ratio of 10.7: 1 compression comparison is smaller than the Yamaha MX compression that has a value of 10.9: 1 compression ratio large From this, the fuel consumption is required to use pertamax or pertamax plus.

Do not try to consume premium fuel because it would lead to non-optimal engine work. The use of fuel that does not comply will cause a knocking or detonation. This knocking if allowed to continue, it will cause damage to the engine.

Yamaha MX engine has a maximum power of 11.33 Horse Power at engine speed of 8,500 rpm. Motorcycle engine Honda CS1 has a maximum power of 12.8 Horse Power at 10,000 rpm engine speed. So, motorcycle engine Honda CS1 has a power of 1.47 is greater than the MX Yamaha motorcycle engine.

In terms of torque, engine Honda CS1 has a maximum torque 1:04 kgf.m at engine speed of 7,500 rpm. Meanwhile, Yamaha MX has a maximum torque: 1,165 kgf.m at 5,500 rpm rotation (so larger than the 0125 Honda CS1).

Fuel consumption CS1 is in the range of 30 km / liter up to 40 km / liter. Compare with conventional motorcycle engine others, such as the Honda Supra X 125 which can be more than 40 km / liter.

Especially when compared to the Honda Supra X PGM F1125 CC which is able to penetrate the fuel consumption of 75 km / liter up to 80 km / liter. So, for fuel consumption between Honda CS1 and Yamaha MX same. To attain top speed, Honda CS1 can reach 125-135 km / h, while the Yamaha MX has a top speed of 120-130 km / h.

The two motorcycle engines if we race on a straight track and to record the physical condition and quality of the same driving capabilities, the Honda CS1 win at medium to long range. It ni caused the engine type is the type overbore. Engine type means overbore piston engine has a wider diameter than the distance of the pistons move.

For consumers who like the type of stop and go, and it requires high acceleration than the achievement of top speed, it is advisable to choose a Yamaha Jupiter MX. Well, for the dream of becoming a racer with a high speed with a lower acceleration, then choose Honda CS1.

Dismantling Tips Honda Motorcycle Engine Type 4 stroke Duck

For those of you who still lay about Honda motorcycle engine, it could not hurt to learn disassemble Honda motorcycle engine itself. Especially if the sound engine Honda motorcycle driven audible noise and damage. If it is like this, certainly desire to dismantle the bike Honda always appear.

Wait, you do not arbitrarily disassemble Honda motorcycle engine. If carelessly dismantle Honda motorcycle engine, it can be fatal. For example, the bolts on the engine Honda motorcycle lost, the oil spilled and scattered, forgot to replace parts Honda motorcycle engines, and others.

Here are tips Honda motorcycle engine analyzer to dismantle itself.

Dismantling Machine Motorcycles Honda Setting Tool

Here are the tools that must be prepared to dismantle the Honda motorcycle engine.

* Setting up the keys to the required standard.

* Special keys, such as magnetic tracker and tracker clutch.

* Small-sized tub as 3pcs. Its function is to place a separate bolts between the engine of Honda motorcycles in the middleleft, top, and in the centerright.

* Medium sized tubs as 4pcs. Its function as a machine components for Honda motorcycles apart, the left engine components, top, right and center.

* Gasoline sufficient for washing machine parts for Honda motorcycles.

* Cloth enough to clean hands dirty and Honda motorcycle engine components if necessary.

* Wooden beams supporting the Honda motorcycle engine when the engine is lowered.

* Compressor to dry the components that have been cleaned using gasoline.

* Guidebook (catalog Honda motorcycle engine).

Demolition Process Engineering Motorcycles Honda

The process of dismantling the engine of Honda motorcycles suggested done regularly and sequentially. Here the process of dismantling the engine of Honda motorcycles correct.

* Honda motorcycle engine parts left. Components consist of a block magnet, magnet, starter gear, chain starter, and others.

* Honda motorcycle engine top. Components consisting of a chain cam, cylinder heads, rocker arm, cam shaft (camshaft), valve, piston, and cylinder block.

* Honda motorcycle engine parts right. Components consisting of blocks clutch, primary clutch (automatic) 1 set, and the secondary clutch (double) 1 set.

* Honda motorcycle engine the middle. Components consisting of the transmission gear, kick starter, crankshaft, piston and handlebar.

* After all dismantled, do not forget to collect bolts and other components in different tubs and in accordance with the group so that the engine parts will not be wrong to install.

* Make checks on every component and remove the component being examined.

* If there is a faulty component, immediately make repairs.

* Make sure the entire Honda motorcycle engine components clean.

* After the inspection is complete Honda motorcycle engine, do the installation process sequentially.

* After all the components of Honda motorcycle engine installed, do not forget to fill in as much as a liter of oil.

That tips dismantle Honda motorcycle engine. Good luck!

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